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Karen is an experienced, passionate speaker who delivers a message that will change the way you think forever.

Through extensive experience and research, she has uncovered truths about human nature that are more than just interesting; they’re useful. First, she’ll blow your mind. Then she’ll help you pick up the pieces and learn how to use the new information.

Karen offers talks to both large and small audiences and runs workshops with small groups. All events are interactive and engaging, and small groups take part in hands-on, experiential learning.

Karen has delivered talks and workshops on marketing, consumer behavior, pharmaceutical trends, and religious attitudes and history to a variety of both professional and non-professional audiences. She will work with you to determine the best for your event and your audience.

Interested in booking Karen for a speaking engagement? Submit your inquiry here.


Current Speaking Schedule

April 11:  Research Business Daily Report for a replay, click here: 

May 15:  Oregon State University

May 20:  Measured Thoughts on Sirius XM Business Radio with Dave Reibenstein

listen to a replay here:

August 17: Leadership Institute, Earlham School of Religion, Richmond IN

August 29:  10 am EDST Webinar at NewMR, Should brands take a stand? details here:

November 7:  Emory University


"We really appreciate you being on the air with us.  Your book raises some very interesting issues worth addressing."

Professor David Reibenstein, Wharton School of Business

Thank you again for such an engaging conversation today!

Professor Josh Gordon, Oregon State University

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