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How can my community group be part of the solution?

If your group, organization, or community is dealing with conflict or just wants to be part of the solution, Karen and her tools can help.

She offers an interactive introductory talk to groups of all sizes. Be prepared for questions! What she says is so useful and different that people always ask for more.

If you want to dig in further, she can lead your group in an in-depth workshop where you can practice these principles and help your participants learn how to apply these solutions in their everyday life.

You can be part of the movement to help bridge the divide.

And if you are part of a faith community, Karen has a special message for you on a spiritual solution. Contact Karen for details. 

Contact Karen to develop your own plan to heal your part of this country and mend our fractured relationships.

Karen Tibbals @KarenTibbals

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