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Why Disgust is the perfect KPI

Usually, marketers want to focus on the positive – that’s a human tendency.  But being aware of the negative can provide an important signal of a potential impending negative event.   Disgust reflects such a deep-seated physical reaction that when it does occur in your target audience, you need to act. 

Although we think of disgust primarily with food, disgust transcends food to other items.  For example, in response to the reaction to the Gillette Toxic Masculinity video, the P&G CEO was quoted as dismissive that a proposed boycott would last. If you want to know if it will last,  you could gauge how serious the boycotters are by the degree of disgust they feel. Disgust is instinctual, visceral and it matters.

For more details about how disgust manifests and how to measure it, see my book, Marketing Landmines:  The Next Level of Emotional Branding, available on Amazon.

To learn more about why disgust should be a KPI, email me to schedule a presentation.


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