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How to Really Listen- Part 2

Let's go deeper

Last week, I raised the question of how we can really listen to someone we disagree with.  Let's go deeper.

One of the most common answers I have found is that you need to really get to know them.  That’s hard to do.  I hear examples of people feeling empathy for those they disagree with or feeling sorry for them, but I rarely hear that they believe that there's something worth listening to.

Interestingly, one advertiser, Heineken has tried exactly this in a video format. In this video, they show people with opposing views to get to know each other before revealing their differences. Kudos to Heineken for trying.  You can view the video here:
So, is that the answer? To get to know people before they make judgements? And how replicable is it?
I don’t think that will work on a broad scale.  We already sort of know where we each stand.  There needs to be a new answer.
Stay tuned. In two weeks (after a break for Independence Day), I'll start to reveal my answer, derived from a deep dive into academic research. 


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