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About Karen

Karen Tibbals is a passionate researcher and author who came to writing books after studying why people act the way they do for decades as part of her successful corporate career in marketing researcher.

She took a detour from her career for a degree in Religion and Quaker Studies from Earlham School of Religion. She was so excited about what she learned that it totally changed how she thought about life! To capture these thoughts, she written two books about how these theories apply to life and to marketing and marketing research.

She has used those theories in developing the Ethical Frames model and its applications. She gives speeches and workshops to help people apply the Ethical Frames model to today's issues. She also has been studying what experts in various fields have to say about how we can talk to each other and captures those thoughts in her newsletter: Mending Fractured Relationships.

She makes her home amidst the Christmas tree farms and corn fields of Northwestern New Jersey with her college sweetheart but is available to travel to help your group be able to apply the Ethical Frames model to your situation.

Contact Karen to learn about how she can help you become part of the solution.   Check out this link to a 2022 interview with her.  Or order her book here.  

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